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Transplantation en Absurdistan.

Rififi à la mairie

Ahhh, le sens de l’hospitalité belge…Voilà le genre de réponse officielle donnée aux ”eurocrates” qui osent écrire à leur “bourgmestre” pour se plaindre de la saleté des rues.


You are right that our streets are not very clean. This is because we have many people like you in our commune. People who come and live here, use our roads and services but pay little or no tax. They are the reason why we lack the funds to clean our streets properly.

What’s more, as these individuals are also laden with cash, they buy up our best property. This fuels house prices and rents, which are now spiralling out of control. As a result, local people, who do pay taxes and are the main source of income for our commune, can no longer afford to live here. They are forced out of their home town and have to go and live elsewhere.

If you and your colleagues at the European Commission could do something about this, that would be most appreciated.”

Commune d’Etterbeek - Gemeente Etterbeek

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